The company obtains the intellectual property rights management system authentication

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     February 25, 2016 to 26, Beijing in the knowledge management system of intellectual property rights certification limited two experts to visit our company, Li Shouyun chapter torrent, to my company's operation system of intellectual property rights for a period of two days of audit. Zhao Jinjun, deputy general manager of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Zhao Zechao, chief engineer, as well as the heads of various departments and intellectual property rights to participate in the first and last meeting.

The expert review company executives, the intellectual property department, integrated office, sales, technology center, production department, financial department, quality inspection department and carried out a live question and on our intellectual property management manual, control program, and recording system was carefully fill in the audit. Two experts on our company in the intellectual property system fully affirmed the work, at the same time we also with experts on the company's intellectual property management system operation, maintenance, risk prevention and control for the study and discussion, the experts put forward to the problems earnestly, finally through the intellectual property management system certification.
       The management system of intellectual property refers to the intellectual property rights on the strategic level of enterprise management, the enterprise intellectual property management concept, management mechanism, management mode, management personnel, management and other aspects of the system as a whole, the definition of system engineering and strive to achieve the mission of the enterprise intellectual property rights. This system is similar to the ISO9001 quality management system, to establish a scientific management system of intellectual property rights system, guiding enterprises, help enterprises to fully implement the "Outline" the relevant requirements of the national intellectual property strategy, improve the ability and level of enterprise flexibility in the use of intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights protection and comprehensive management system, promote enterprise technological innovation, improvement the enterprise market competition status, to support the sustainable development of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, make enterprises avoid business risks .